American Web Loans Fast Review

American Web Loans FastMoney is difficult to earn these days, and American Web Loans Fast may be able to help. Many people are just getting by with no savings that they can use in times of emergency. Several bills may be overdue, there could be unexpected repairs or you could get sick. If your next pay out is still several days away, you may ask relatives or friends to lend you some money.

However, this could be very embarrassing. If you can’t find the courage to borrow cash from other people you know, another option is to get a payday loan. One of the companies that offer this type of loan is American Web Loans Fast.

American Web Loans Fast Review – About the Company

American Web Loans Fast is a lending company that offers payday loan online. Payday loans are short term loans that are expected to be paid on your next payout. While processing is quicker than long term loans and they require fewer requirements, the interest rate is higher. This company lets you do everything on the Internet, including the signing of the loan contract through e-signature. The site is secured by McAfee and certified by TRUSTe, which means that your information is safe and protected. The amount that you can borrow ranges from $250 to $1000.

Credit Check and Requirements

One of the concerns of many borrowers when it comes to applying for a loan is credit check. Lending companies often perform credit check to lower the risk of not being paid. American Web Loans Fast does not check credit records so even if you have a bad credit score or you don’t have a credit history at all, you can still have your payday loan approved. They also don’t require any documents, paperwork or collateral, which is a huge convenience. Other companies often require that various identifications and receipts are sent via e-mail.

Loan Amount and Interest

As mentioned, the loan amount ranges from $250 to $1,000. Although you can borrow as much as $1000, it’s recommended that you only get the amount that you need and something that you can repay. Unfortunately, the interest rate for the loan is not posted on the site. It would have been better if this information can be easily found so borrowers can quickly determine how much they need to pay for.

Loan Application

On its homepage, you will immediately see the orange button that says “Apply Now”, which is good as you don’t have to search around to find this option. Online application is available 24/7 so you can do this anytime. This is another advantage since emergency situations could happen early morning, late night or in the wee hours of the day. Enter your personal, contact, employment and deposit information and your application will be processed real time. You can have your loan approved in minutes, which is convenient if you need the money immediately. Transferring of money is also done as soon as your application is approved. Other lending companies take days in processing application and transferring money. This is what makes American Web Loans Fast a good option.

Site Navigation

There is only one page to navigate, aside from the application page, so there’s really not much to browse on the site. You would find information about the loan application process, some information on why American Web Loans Fast is a good choice and a few benefits of cash advance or payday loan.

There’s no “about us” page where borrowers, especially new ones, would have learned more about the company, including their history and experience. By learning more about the company, it would be easier for clients to give their trust since they know who they are dealing with.

Again, there’s also no information about their interest rate, which is an important factor that borrowers consider when applying for loans. The interest rate would tell how much you will end up paying so this information must be available upfront before making your decision. Most sites also have a page for frequently asked questions regarding payday loans and the process, which this site doesn’t have. Moreover, they should have their contact information posted so borrowers could easily reach them if they have any concerns. However, this too is not available on the site.

Our Recommendation

While it’s enticing to apply for a payday loan to American Web Loans Fast because they don’t require documents and collateral, and their approval and money transfer is fast, it may still not be the best site to apply for your loan. This is because you wouldn’t know how high the interest rate would be and there’s no way to contact them regarding your concerns.